You are currently viewing What NO ONE Is Telling You About Hamas and Israel | Ep 312

What NO ONE Is Telling You About Hamas and Israel | Ep 312

For the first time ever, “Glenn TV” is publishing video with captions in Hebrew. “I want the Israeli people and Jews all over the world who fear for their life to know they are not alone,” Glenn says. He also calls on his audience to share this episode with any friends or family who suddenly find themselves draped in a Palestinian flag marching down the street chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” Glenn is joined by historian Edwin Black, award-winning investigative author of “IBM and the Holocaust.” He says ignorant pro-Palestinian chants are really calls for genocide — “’From the river to the sea’ means they want 9 to 10 million Jews to drown in the Mediterranean” — and blasts American universities as “ground zero for genocide and hate.” A great war in the Middle East has never been closer, and willful ignorance about the history of the region and the text of the Hamas charter can no longer be tolerated. But Hamas is not acting alone. Iran holds its leash, and Iran is making its REAL intentions clearer every day. For them this is not a territorial dispute, but a religious war. Lives are depending on ALL OF US to be educated on the truth, as Israel could soon be defending itself on multiple fronts, with calls for the U.S. to be dragged into the conflict. “This is an existential threat to Israel and the West,” warns Edwin. “What we do next will be the defining moment or the declining moment for all civilization.”

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