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Serial killer victim’s daughter has SHOCKING WARNING for families

One morning in 2016, Mary Jo Jennings called her mother at a senior living facility for a routine chat. Her mother, Leah Corken, told Mary Jo that she was going to get her hair done. It was the last time Mary Jo ever heard from her. M.J. joins Glenn to recount the disturbing circumstances surrounding her mother’s death: she had seemed healthy, was found in her room laying in an unusual position, and her jewelry was missing. “But you don’t think ‘murder,'” she tells Glenn. That was, until one phone call made “everything click.” She now believes her mother was murdered by the convicted murderer and alleged serial killer Billy Chemirmir, who has been linked to the deaths of at least 22 elderly people. However, she also tells Glenn that she believes the facility tried to cover up the murder to hide its own security failures. But even more disturbing is the media’s lack of care: “People [in the media] don’t think this is interesting enough because they are older people.” So, she has a dire warning for other families with parents in senior living facilities: “check the security,” because as she found out, the truth may be very different from what’s advertised.

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