Is Canada’s Tyrannical Regime America’s Future? | Ezra Levant | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 206

If you think it’s getting hard to be a conservative in America, try living in the People’s Republic of Canada. Secret police are arresting journalists, local politicians are targeting Christians, and the country’s blackface-loving leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is waging legal warfare against truckers. Our neighbors to the north are always just a few steps ahead of us. So Glenn gets some advice from one of Canada’s most fearless freedom fighters, Rebel News founder Ezra Levant. He describes why the Trudeau regime had to crush citizen journalism with a relentless campaign that has caused nearly every Canadian media outlet to fall in line except for Rebel News. And he describes the regime’s latest attacks against him, including an insane attempt to make him register his book with the government and a scheme to use Big Tech to force news outlets to comply. But there is still hope: Levant reveals the one strategy he believes is halting the regime’s lawfare campaign. Ezra and Glenn also discuss why for the first time in his life, Ezra is scared to be a Jew in Canada: “I’m more worried about the West than Israel.” Plus, he breaks down how he believes Trump would have handled Ukraine, Putin, and Hamas, why dictators hate comedy, whether the Canadian Mounties will become the Gestapo, and what questions he will ask global elites when he travels to the World Economic Forum’s Davos 2024 summit. But even more important than his fight in Canada, he says, is what Americans choose to do in 2024: “What happens to America is more important than everything else combined.”

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